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Ali express dispute KHWAI H69


I had several good experience with Ali-Express. But last time it changed.



Seller did not answered as I prooved, the product is not as described.

Exactly say the product should

monitor steps - DID not functioned

monitor sleep - DID not functioned

monitor Blood pressure - DID not functioned.

24 hour Blood monitor - No such function.

Bicycle - data is just to see on stoping cycling. It is not stored, and not loadd to app. You never see the data again.

The product is just not that, what should be.



Seller did not answered most of the questions.

Ali Express checked

The dispute (order id: 105019083336006 ) has been closed today and we're writing to let you know we processed your refund. You can log in to to check the dispute details.

Problems with the order Judgement from AE Invalid Reason
Functions are not as described Valid -

Final resolution: Partial refund  16.04 USD without returning goods

The refund should appear on your original card in maxim 20 working days.

Please spare a few minutes to provide feedback on the service I have provided. We strive on improving our performance consistently, and feedback ratings help us evaluate our performance further.



Original prize US $ 53.48 they refund 16.04 keep for a non functioning product 37.44. They just refund 30 %, keep 70 %. This is the strategy. Shit product, for 70 %.

So NO functioning product, and they did not give money back, they keep 70 %!!!


DO NOT BUY this product!!! It is shit!!!



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