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Central European Course on Apitherapy

in memorian Dr. Beck Bodog - program

There are some hundreds of small apitherapy praxis in China, but there are only two University Clinics, which has an apitherapy department. One of these is the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here is working in the daily praxis Professor Li Wanyao, who will sharing her practical knowledge.

Sheng Nong

We suggest this course on Apitherapy for you:


- If you are an apitherapeut, or fitoterapeut so you could use the practical knowledge from tomorrow.

- If you are not a natural healer, but you would like to become one, you will get relevant information here.

- if you would like to extend you knowledge in apitherapy.

- If you are a cosmetician, and you would like to extend your salon with the newest bee venom anti aging facial project, and you would like to learn the latest techniques.

- If you would just like to know more about this extra vagant technique.

- If you would like to know, what kind of deseases apitherapy could be used for.

- If you are interested in a treatment plan of untreatable desease of "western medicine" .

- If you are a beekeeper, and would like to have products to extend your profile;

- If you are interested in the Chinese way of thinking on health,

- If you are interested in an ancient massage techique, and you would like to introduce it to your praxis;

- If you would like to meet, and have personal contact to the most interested professionals including doctors, natural healers, beekeepers, cosmeticians, medical masseurs;

- If you are thinking of attending an Apitherapy course in China (cost together minimum 2500 EUR) and before the travel you would like to know the professor more, you would like to know her teaching style, or her knowledge background.


The number of participants on the courses is limited, if you are interested, please register.


We actualize the information on the webpage. If you register to the newsletter, you will receive actualized information immediately, if it is convinient!



Basic course: 22 February 2013. 10:00-17:00
Follow up /advanced course: 23-24 February 2013. 10:00-17:00

Location: Budapest, IBS International Business School, Budapest, district II. Tárogató street 2-4.

Beck Bodog: Bee venom therapy

Budapest is the born and education place of Dr. Beck Bodog. He was MD, practicing apitherapy at the beginning of XXth century. He was working near Central Park in New York. He earned the most experience by handling reumatoid diseases. He wrote the book: Bee venom therapy in New York 1935. The book was reprinted 1985 and they called "The Bible of Bee Venom Therapy". It is still valid, and accurate. One of his patients, later his student was Charles Mraz, who played an active role in the development of apitherapy in the USA, and in the foundation of the American Apitherapy Society. "To see Budapest, and fall in love with it!" -says an old Hungarian song. 1000 years of History in the Middle of Europe. It has a rich historical heritage, nice cultural and turistical value. The thermal bathes are used since ancient times. One of the oldest bathes is from the XVth century, and still working. If you are interested, we could help you to find a program on your special needs.


méhecse rajz


China has a millennial tradition of Apitherapy. Hungary has the Dr. Beck Bodog's heritage on the modern Apitherapy.  And this year, 2013, Prof. Li Wanyao visiting for a two day advanced apitherapy course the European Union, first time also the birthplace of Beck Bodog: Budapest / Hungary. She has a lesson also on the basic course.

APIMONDIA - Apimedica 2012, Zhenjiang, China

2012_10_20 1121We show you some pictures taken during the Apimondias conference on apitherapy named APIMEDICA in Zhenjiang, China to remember: The chinese tradition and way of thinking is based on a very special, and different base. We all think differently about the world. In China the children learn parallel the chinese alphabet and the latin letters. And the difficulty of reading the written chinese is maybe more than in texts written in latin. And sometimes we are not able to read our own handwritings.2012_10_20 11652012_10_20 1134

2012_10_20 10892012_10_20 1057_b


Experts of the courses:

Prof Li Wanyao at Apimedica China, 2012Prof. Li Wanyao (Clinic of Guangzhou University of Chinese medicine, China):

Prof Li Wanyao nagyközönségnek is megmutatja a méhszúrás terápiát

The current positions are: Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine acupuncture and massage college doctoral tutor, who is Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion learn acupuncture clinical professional committee, Chinese folk therapy of traditional Chinese medicine association apitherapy vice director of professional committee, the Chinese traditional Chinese medical association of professional committee of the standing director of the surgeries. Long-term commitment to Chinese acupuncture teaching, medical treatment, scientific research work. To acupuncture analgesia and the clinical research of acupuncture anesthesia, acupuncture and moxibustion therapy rheumatism, special acupuncture method the application of research is quite deep.
liwanyao presi apimedica 2012
prof LI WANYAOConcentrate on studying a variety of acupuncture and moxibustion applications, research and development, such as acupuncture technique, moxibustion method, floating acupuncture, bee needle, recent therapy, medicine tank method, the ears therapy, head needle therapy, etc all can handy application, and constantly develop, Ed. A "modern acupoint therapy daqo", "universal folk therapy daqo" and so on. And "by the singular point positioning and clinical application" bee needle therapy and other audio-visual teaching material production. Published related paper dozens of acupuncture and moxibustion.

She is the editor of the Apitherapy book (3d. edition 2012). It contains the treatment with apitherapy for several deseases. She gave a lecture at APIMEDICA, Zhenjiang, Cina, 2012 (see picture).


dr. Lukács István

Dr. Lukács István, (LI) MD, natural healer, TCM doctor, acupuncture doctor, Budapest


Main Therapeutic areas:

Musculoskeletal disorders, Movement dysfunctions, Pain in the neck, Pain in the shoulders, Back pain, Lower back pain, Numbness in the arms or legs, Sport injuries, Rheumatic pain, Digestive disorders, Headaches

Publication e.g.: Lukács István (2011): A derékfájás és a krónikus bélgyulladás klinikai kapcsolata a mindennapokban. XXVIth. Conference of the Soc. of  Hungarian Acupuncture , „Integratívmedicina – orvostudomány a XXI. században”, Eger.


Gillich IstvánIMG_3893 Gillich István (GI)(natural healer, phytotherapist, apitherapist, exam char for the Hungarian State exam on Apitherapy and Phytotherapy since over 10 years) He studied in Thailand and India too. He has bionergetic exam, he is expert in the field. He is one of the most known Hungarian apitherapy teacher, he is working with bees since over 28 years. He wrote a book on apitherapy, which is the official (state recognised) teaching material for the education in apitherapy. He teached generations for apitherapy during his long teaching period. Every third sunday (since 24 years) he leads a natural trip"Galagonya túrák". The participants learn about the recognition and usage of medical plants. He is teaching in Hungary, Bohemia, Great Britain, Germany and India. Since over 20 years he writes articles on the field natural healing to different newspapers.

Rudolf IbolyaRudolf Ibolya (RI)(beautician, beautician teacher, exam chair, Dunakeszi, Hungary) She is dedicated to the advanced spirit of the bumpy journey of the holistic beauty. She is interested, analysing datails, a "researcher" beautician. She lead the cosmetic tests of the hungarian bee venom cream APYS.

Her scientific publications on the field are:

Rudolf Ibolya (2012.02.12.): A méhméreg arckrémek új generációjának kettősvak tesztjeinek eredményei;  - Double blind tests of the new generation of bee venom face ointments. II. Hungarian Apitherapy Congress, Budapest

Rudolf Ibolya, Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János (2011.03.25): Méhméreg krém az arcápolásban - Bienengiftsalbe in Gesichtspflege - Bee Venom Ointment in Facial Cosmetics. IX. Német apiterápia konferencia, IXth German Apitherapy Conference on Apitherapy, Passau.


Pataki ZitaPataki Zita, (PZ)(plant doctor, natural healer, phytotherapist, apitherapist, medical masseur, Budapest)

Her daily work is as Phytotherapist and as medical masseur.
She was presenting different practical techniques on Apitherapy Conferences, like bee sting therapy (2011) or honey face massage (2012).

Kutasi Tamás Mesterméhész Master BeekeeperKutasi Tamás (master beekeeper,  queen rearing, "Beekeeper of the year" from february 2012. till february 2013,  vice president of the Hungarian Apitherapy Society, Budapest) His main interest is the production of high quality (medical grade) bee products. He is well known since his professional teaching on honey, beekeeping nad propolis. He is organizing school programs to educate children about healthy lifestyles. He was sharing his knowledge in multiple TV shows, like "Faces in the elevator" (Video in hungarian language part 12 part 2part 3), or e.g. Gasztroangyal 45.

Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János (Candidate of Technical Science, natural healer, phytotherapist, apitherapist, president of the Hungarian Apitherapys Society, vice president of the International Apitherapy Federation, Hungarian Member of the ISO,  Nagykovácsi)

Selected scientific publications:krj apimedica 2012_b

Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János: Méhszúrás elsősegély. LiLLi kiadó, Budapest, 2011. ISBN 978963 9837 292

Dr. János Körmendy-Rácz (22. April 2012.): Méhméregterápia Magyarországon: sokízületi gyulladás és szklerózis multiplex esetismertetések. X Német Apiterápia Konferencia, Passau.;Bienenstichtherapie in Ungarn: Fallstudien für rheumatoide Arthritis und Multiple Sklerose; X. German Apitherapy Congress, Passau

Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János (2012. szeptember 23.): A méhméreg krémek külsőleges használata - Topical usage of bee venom ointments (Utilizarea topica a unguentelor pe baza de venin de albine) V. román apiterápia konferencia. Cluj-Napoca, Kolozsvár.

Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János (2011. október 15.): Propolisz és méhméreg használata az emlőrák kezelésében - Utilizarea propolisului si veninului de albine in tratamentul cancerului de san - Using propolis and bee venom by handling of breast cancer. al IV-lea Congres de Apiterapie al S.R.A. - IV. Román Apiterápia Konferencia, Bukarest.

Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János (2011.03.25): Emlőrák esettanulmány - Fallstudie: Brustkrebsbehandlung - Case study: Handling of breast cancer. IX. Német Apiterápia Konferencia, Passau.

Dr. Körmendy-Rácz János (2012.02.11.): A szklerózis multiplex kezelésének ezer méhszúrása;  II. Magyar Apiterápia Konferencia, Budapest

Dr. János Körmendy-Rácz; (2012 . 05. 11): A magyar méhméreg krém kozmetikai alkalmazásának kettősvak, randomizált, placebo ellenőrzött tesztje. Testul cosmetic dublu orb randomizat si placebo  al unei creme cu venin de albina.(Double blind, randomized, placebo controlled cosmetical test of a hungarian bee venom ointment) Api- és fitoterápiás szimpózium, ARAD; 11-13 MAI 2012 (->)



Planed course:


Basic course (Febr. 22. 2013)

General rules in Hungary: legal requirements, how to practice apitherapy. (KRJ)

Virágpor, propolisz, méhpempő, méz, méhméreg, viasz (A magyar természetgyógyász képzés (GYEMSZI-ETI vizsgakövetelményeihez illeszkedő apiterápiás tananyagrész)

The basic steps to set up an apitherapy praxis (KRJ)

First aid of Bee sting's (KRJ)

How to prevent the side effects of bee venom therapy? (LWY)

Praxis: bee sting therapy easy, how to save the life of the bees (PZ, KT)

Praxis: honey face massage, detox massage (PZ)

Hungarian apitherapy products (like APYS bee venom cream)

Round table



Advanced course

1. day: Febr 23.

General rules in Hungary: legal requirements, how to practice apitherapy. (KRJ) (only if there are new participants).

The holistic way of thinking. Tradictional Chinese Medicine including Bee venom, other apitherapy products (propolis, royal jelly), herbal, and mental treatment. (LWY)

General protocols: how to arrange a treatment plan. (LWY)

Theoretical lession: For what deseases do apiterapist use the Bee sting therapy  in China. (LWY)

Praxis: How to find the 10 most important acupunctural points (LI)

The working of the western doctors and the apiterapists together. (KRJ)

Praxis: usage of honey in the cosmetic and beauty applications (PZ)

Apitherapy products is Hungary (like APYS bee venom cream).  (KRJ)

Praxis: bee sting therapy easy, how to save the life of the bees (PZ, KT) (only, if the participants are new compared to day basic course)

Roundtabel discussion (all teacher)


2. day: febr 24.

General rules in Hungary: legal requirements, how to practice apitherapy. (KRJ) (only if there are new participants).

The selection criteria for used api - acupuncture points (LWY).

How to prevent the side effects of bee venom therapy (LWY).

Praxis of protocols: treatment of (theory and praxis with live bees) (LWY)


  • - High Blood pressure
  • - tinnitus
  • - Multiple sclerose
  • - unknown deseases


The unregular protocol, case study of treatment of lung cancer. (LWY)

Praxis: bee venom scrapping. (PZ)

Praxis: Praxis Using of bee venom products in Cosmetic (RI)

Dosage of Apitherapy products is Hungary. (KRJ)

Round table discussion (all teacher of the day)

Announcement to Chinese Apiterapy education advanced level. (LWY optional)

There could be fine changes in the training programm.

Attention! There would be living bees on the courses. If you are highly allergc against bee venom, please do not register for this course or kep distance on leve bee demonstrations!

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